Track food products through all stages

Digitally authenticate & communicate the story of your food products to customers.

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Farmer’s Hive Traceability is an excellent opportunity to digitally authenticate & communicate the story of your food products (brand) to customers with your smartphone.

  • Tell the story of your product
  • Upload photos & branding
  • Offer full traceability
  • Track live inventory
  • Digitally market
  • Real-time, anytime

A unique QR code is generated for instant access to track each product from producer to end-user. This means that movement can be traced one step backward and one step forward at any point in the supply chain.

Optional tracking devices measure microclimate conditions through the year & while your product is in transit. Access live traceability through mobile and web applications in real-time, anytime.

How it Works


“Farmer’s Hive Traceability is important to help communicate our products because we are in an industry that relies on the back of cheap labor. Nobody wants to be associated with a company that is involved with bad practices.

Being the first vertically integrated company from farm to kitchen requires us to implement high transparency standards in our supply chain. This is why Farmer’s Hive Traceability is so important for us. We are able to offer traceability on a QR code to our customers and make sure they know the names of our farmers, where the beans were harvested, who harvested and manufactured them, all in real-time.

The BC Traceability officials completed their audit of the Farmer’s Hive solution in-person very well! They were able to validate our processes and accuracy of the information from the Farmer’s Hive platform, including what the customers receive. They were able to better understand our supply chain and how Farmer’s Hive made it user friendly for us to be an expert in adding data. We are able to track our shipments and know exactly where it was shipped out and to who.

As a chocolate manufacturing company we are not technology experts. This is why we appreciate how the Farmer’s Hive platform is really user friendly. It does not require any additional scanners or devices as it is all done on smartphones. Using the cloud makes it easy to access, edit, update and train other staff to work on it. We can add some photos and all the information our customers care about and most importantly track our inventory in house.”

Ayissi Nyemba


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    From the vineyard to the table

    An interesting case study is from the winery. 2019 was a unique year for the vines, superb climate conditions and practices helped produce a remarkable vintage. Farmer’s Hive Traceability helps users digitally track. Microclimate, events, vineyard practices, harvesting, bottling, storage, inventory & transport all the way to end customers in real-time through the cloud based platform.

    This allows for internal record keeping “Traceability” and more importantly an excellent opportunity to digitally authenticate & communicate the story of each vintage to customers.

    Users first add a shipment on the Farmer’s Hive platform to generate a unique QR code that will now be used to follow the vintage from producer to the customer. Throughout the year internal information is imputed and supporting documentation can be uploaded with an option for internal use only or to be shared with customers. This information is controlled internally with an ability to update in real-time, anytime. Microclimate data can be automatically recorded directly to the cloud all year round with a Farmer’s Hive sensor device.  

    Upon completion the QR code is added to each bottle’s label so customers can scan it on their phone to reveal the story of each wine. The goal here is to communicate directly to customers preventing food fraud, increasing food security and transparency in the supply chain.

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