“My experience using Farmer’s Hive couldn’t be better. The sensors are extremely easy to install, they’re literally plug and play. The best part is that everything can be adjusted and checked online in real time from the Farmer’s Hive portal, either from a computer or smart phone. I believe they will be a great addition to your school farms and greenhouses.”
Araham G.  B.Eng. Senior Research Assistant Applied Research & Innovation.
“The impact of Farmer’s Hive technology goes beyond traditional farm and greenhouse applications. We plan to have it attached to our hydroponics units deployed to various remote communities. Monitoring growing parameters from our office is going to be extremely useful, from both research and training/educational points of view.”
Sorin Pasca. Director, Applied Research & Innovation. With thanks to NSERC. 

Remote Learning
in Education

We deliver a plug and play solution connecting environmental data such as soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and various other sensor information directly to the cloud.

Multiple users can access the cloud through the Farmer’s Hive platform. This means students and professors can successfully work together. Using real-time data to stream to the platform to share metrics for project analysis & predictions. Exposure to data in this form creates new ideas in learning more about plant life. While helping create an ideal environment, to produce ideal crop yields.

Schools and students connected remotely

Enabling academic projects to continue in real-time with no physical location needed.

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    In one university project, students are researching the sunflower in order to provide the best possible environment to prosper & produce the optimum amount of sunflower oil. They plant the sunflower seeds & use Farmer’s Hive to monitor the environmental data in real-time as it grows. The historical data is stored for project analysis and predictions to improve conditions. They use the tool to make changes in order to provide an ideal environment for the sunflower while creating a template for future yields. Students can use the Farmer’s Hive API integration for Java and various other platforms . This means real-time information can be streamed directly online to student projects for a complete report.  


    Thermal Resistance

    Another college project example is to find a practical method for calculating the total thermal resistance of a greenhouse. Algorithms are acquired to assess heat gain from sunlight radiation and existing thermal storage capacity. A fuel converter application used to estimate costs and emissions related to various greenhouse heating systems. The outcomes of this study will help the school integrate energy data into their existing microclimate assessment package and provide people with a complete range of parameters of their growing facilities, with focus on energy information for year-round greenhouse operation. In the variable climate of Canada, heat regulation is an important component of indoor farming. 

    As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens food supply chains, there have been already concerns raised in relation to widespread shortages and price increases. Northern BC communities are feeling a bigger impact of the current crises. The research addresses the cost-benefit aspects of year-round indoor food production and food security for the benefit of many local businesses and the communities they serve.