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Co-founders Thomas Noonan and Tomas Hrdlicka established Farmer’s Hive in Vancouver, Canada as part of an Agri-Tech IoT incubator. (IoT refers to The Internet of Things and is the ability for technology in everyday objects to send and receive data). Hailing from different shores Thomas from Ireland and Tomas from Czechia. They came together to create one of the finest technologies in the Agri-Tech Industry.

Since then the two co-founders have assembled a dynamic team. Comprised of software and hardware engineers, data scientists, and business developers. We use our expertise in IoT to focus on agriculture. With over 15 years of experience to develop our technology. We enable farmers to remotely track environmental data for the purpose of analysis & predictions.

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    Farmer’s Hive™ THRIVE 2024 has been selected as the top 15/1000 innovative & sustainable companies to participate in the fourth iteration of the THRIVE Canada III Accelerator Program. This will help propel Farmer’s Hive into the next phase of operations to reach the original goal in pursuing food security.

    SVG Ventures | THRIVE is the leading global AgriFood investment and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Comprised of top agriculture, food and technology corporations, universities, and investors. With a community of over 10,000 startups from 100 countries, the THRIVE platform invests, accelerates, and creates unparalleled access for entrepreneurs to scale globally and solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries. THRIVE’s Corporate Innovation Program is focused on connecting corporate partners with emerging technologies and startups that will make the most significant impact in their organizations.THRIVE partners. Kerry Gold, Corteva, Driscoll’s, E&J Gallo Winery, Farm Credit Canada, USDA, JW Smith Companies, Forbes, Salinas, Taylors Farms, Trimble, Wells Fargo, Nutrien, Ornua, Bayer, UFA, Koch, Krone and many more.

    Product Technology

    Quality comes first for Farmer’s Hive users. European and US components are used to build our IoT sensors to monitor environmental data that is directly stored, organized & safeguarded on our server infrastructure. Using mobile & web applications that run on cloud-based technology.

    Each device made comes with a CE certification. The CE marking symbolizes product conformity with one or more applicable European product directives. The product shall be provided with an EU Declaration of Conformity document, which defines the directive(s) and the relevant standards the product conforms to. Our solution is plug and play and connects directly to the internet. This means users do not need to use any gateway, dedicated internet connectivity,or installation assistance by third parties. The sensor device starts to operate within a few minutes after it is fully charged or connected to a power source.

    Through this process, communication is provided in real-time to increase productivity.

    Farmer’s Hive solar power offers access to continuous clean energy in remote locations. The solar power panel is fully assembled with quality components to generate clean energy compatible with Farmer’s Hive IoT sensors. Solar power is important in remote locations for several reasons:

    1. Off-grid Power: Remote locations may not have access to the main power grid. Solar power provides a reliable source of electricity that can operate independently of the grid.
    2. Cost-Effective: Installing solar panels can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. Once the initial setup cost is covered, the energy generated from solar panels is at no cost.
    3. Environmental Benefits: Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source, which helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.

    Farmer’s Hive solar offers a sustainable and reliable energy solution in remote locations, helping to reduce labour time, costs and environmental impact.

    Benefits to farming with IoT

    Enhanced Monitoring. IoT technology enables real-time monitoring of crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature and water, allowing farmers to make data-driven decisions and optimize farming conditions.

    Increased Efficiency. With IoT devices, tasks such as irrigation can be automated, reducing manual labour and improving overall efficiency.

    Precision Farming. IoT sensors provide accurate data about plant health, enabling precise interventions such as targeted irrigation, customized & timely disease detection, resulting in improved yields and healthier crops.

    Resource Optimization. By monitoring and analyzing data, IoT systems help farmers optimize resource usage, such as water and energy, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

    Early Detection of Issues. IoT devices can detect anomalies and alert farmers to potential problems such as pest infestation, disease outbreak, or equipment malfunction, allowing for early intervention and prevention.

    Remote Management. IoT technology enables farmers to remotely monitor and control their farming operations, providing flexibility and convenience while ensuring continuous oversight of critical processes.

    Data-Driven Decision Making. The wealth of data collected through IoT devices empowers farmers to make informed decisions, optimize farming practices, and improve productivity and profitability.

    Sustainability. By enabling efficient resource management, reducing chemical usage, and promoting sustainable farming practices, IoT contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods.

    Farmer’s Hive GDD is an important value in agriculture and plant science because they help in measuring the accumulated heat units during the growing season. GDD is a crucial metric for understanding plant growth, development, and timing of key agricultural activities. By tracking GDD, farmers and researchers can:

    • Predict plant growth stages: GDD can help determine when plants will reach specific growth stages, such as flowering or maturity, allowing farmers to plan their activities accordingly.
    • Manage crop growth: GDD can assist in managing crop growth by providing insights into the optimal timing for planting, fertilizing, and harvesting crops.
    • Monitor pest and disease development: GDD can be used to track the development of pests and diseases that are influenced by temperature, helping farmers to implement timely pest management strategies.
    • Optimize agricultural practices: GDD data can be used to optimize agricultural practices, such as irrigation scheduling, nutrient management, and crop selection based on temperature requirements.

    Welcomed into the field by farmers and growers

    We were immediately welcomed into the field by farmers and growers. We discussed the benefits of sensor technology and the obstacles that could ensue. We listened to an entire generation explaining the importance of innovation in farming. Knowing the Internet of Things was no different from past advances.

    Our objective was clear, to communicate various applications on the farm smartly and efficiently. This meant wireless, with no computers, no third party providers (Network), or installers. The design needed to allow instant remote monitoring of assets and microclimates in real-time for the purpose of analysis and predictions to close yield gaps. All the while increasing plant health & farm profitability. When we returned to the lab we got to work. Designing and testing various ways to achieve a low cost, low energy, easy to access, and easy to install solution. We completed our task. Farmer’s Hive is now available in Canada, the US & Mexico.

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