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Who we are

Co-founders Thomas Noonan and Tomas Hrdlicka established Farmer’s Hive in Vancouver, Canada in January 2019 as part of an Agri-Tech IoT incubator. (IoT refers to The Internet of Things and is the ability for technology in everyday objects to send and receive data). Hailing from different shores Thomas from Ireland and Tomas from Czechia. They came together to create one of the finest technologies in the Agri-Tech Industry.

Since then the two co-founders have assembled a dynamic team. Comprised of software and hardware engineers, data scientists, and business developers. We use our expertise in IoT to focus on agriculture. With over 15 years of experience to develop our technology. We enable farmers to remotely track environmental data for the purpose of analysis & predictions.

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    Welcomed into the field by farmers and growers

    We were immediately welcomed into the field by farmers and growers. We discussed the benefits of sensor technology and the obstacles that could ensue. We listened to an entire generation explaining the importance of innovation in farming. Knowing the Internet of Things was no different from past advances.

    Our objective was clear, to communicate various applications on the farm smartly and efficiently. This meant wireless, with no computers, no third party providers (Network), or installers. The design needed to allow instant remote monitoring of assets and microclimates in real-time for the purpose of analysis and predictions to close yield gaps. All the while increasing plant health & farm profitability. When we returned to the lab we got to work. Designing and testing various ways to achieve a low cost, low energy, easy to access, and easy to install solution. We completed our task. Farmer’s Hive is now available in Canada, the US & Mexico.

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